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We exist to add value to our clients at a time when they need it most, with a complete value chain offering that includes global sourcing; administration; finance; shipping & logistics; project management; regulatory & compliance and new product development.

We excel at every step of the process with the goal of delivering fully realized products to essential markets.

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With a particular focus on FMCG and general merchandise, the Retail sector within Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America drives Monteagle’s value-creation model. From retailers to wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers, we assist our clients to drive growth. Despite industry headwinds, our competitive edge rests on the shoulders of our strong financial framework, market intelligence and industry know-how.



Monteagle’s Industrial division is a fully integrated procurement, supply chain and trade finance business. From raw, construction materials to equipment and machinery, we provide food and non-food manufactures in emerging markets with comprehensive solutions that generate the greatest value.



Monteagle’s Metals and Minerals division seeks to assist the Southern African mining industry to create a lasting impact in changing environments. We leverage our market intelligence and our time-honored legacy to provide tailored solutions that shape strategy, boost productivity and drive innovation. 



Through collaboration, analytics and risk-management expertise, our Agricultural division seeks to deliver competitive solutions that don’t only address soft commodity challenges, but identify opportunities for growth in the agriculture and food markets.

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