Based in the UK, with strategically located offices, globally, Marshall Monteagle PLC is a diversified investment holding company. The company provides procurement, logistics and trading in various hard and soft commodities, industrial raw materials, consumer food and non-food products. Other non-operational investments include Commercial & Industrial Properties and listed equities.

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Metals &


Monteagle Minerals is a fully integrated trading, supply chain and trade finance business which is strategically positioned within the Monteagle Group and is backed by the parent company’s financial and administrational structures. This division is focused on providing a complete all-in-one solution to the Southern African mining industry including all logistical, financial, administrational and shipping requirements from FCA mine through to CIF delivery to end users on an international basis.

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(Non-Food & Food)

Monteagle Industrial is a fully integrated procurement, supply chain and trade finance business which is strategically positioned within the Monteagle Group and gains significant operational advantages and efficiencies from the various other Monteagle divisions. This division is focused on providing an all-in solution to food and non-food manufacturers in emerging markets, specifically in Africa and Latin America.

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Monteagle FMCG has established a global partnership with “best in practice” manufacturers and is in a unique position to offer a range of high-quality products to its customers, either in their private label or in its very own brand. Based on critical mass and high procurement volumes in core categories, this division is focused on delivering great value throughout the chain, from farm to shelf.


For a total overview on our FMCG solution, please see the video below.




Monteagle Trade Finance provides tailor made solutions to a wide range of producers, traders and end-users, covering the risk of all financial requirements throughout the supply chain. The division is focused on:


  • Raw material funding for producers

  • Supply chain finance

  • Letters of credit and structured payments

  • Forward exchange contracts

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Warehousing & Logistics

Monteagle Logistics is a stand-alone company, housed under the Monteagle Group banner. Based in Durban, South Africa, their focus is on providing seamless and integrated logistics solutions that offer tangible cost efficiencies, to a wide range of customers, on a national basis.


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Whether you are in retail, distribution or even manufacturing, as a professional B2B buyer, are you interested in discovering a new way to fulfil your demands? The Monteagle Group has established a partnership with Simpplier to encourage change in the procurement process and grow its customer base.


To discover more about the transparency revolution, please see the video below and visit their website.