Monteagle Industrial Division is a fully integrated procurement, supply chain and logistics business that is strategically positioned within the Monteagle Group and gains significant operational advantages and efficiencies from the various other Monteagle Divisions. This divisions core objective is to provide an all-in solution to food manufacturers on an international basis, with the main focus being the procurement and supply of bulk raw materials and ingredients to the food manufacturing sector.

A summary of the services provided by Monteagle Industrial Division are as follows:

  • Sourcing and procurement of bulk raw materials
  • Handling and storage at the port of loading
  • Quality and weight inspections and certificates
  • Loading of containerised/bulk cargo onto vessel
  • Shipping line negotiations and bookings
  • Banking requirements and Letters of Credit
  • Marine insurance
  • Cleared and delivery to end user (DDP)
  • Storage and delivery ex warehouse (palletised) to end user

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